The developmental work at MT Melsungen is focused on individual training and progress of the children and youths as players, not necessarily on the results of the junior teams' matches. Players are assigned to teams corresponding to their fitness and talent. In other words, there are no hard-and-fast ceilings for what any given athlete can achieve.

It may happen that Juniors B players, presuming they are eligible, might be used in a match by the Junior Bundesliga A side; along the same lines, players still eligible for the developmental leagues might be used in men's matches. The programme is overseen by A-licence holder Georgi Sviridenko, a former Olympic gold medallist and 2nd place finisher at the Handball World Championships. As coach of the Oberliga team, he works extensively with Philip Julius coaching the Juniors B team and offers advanced mixed-age training at a centralised location.

Starting at the Juniors C level, MT Melsungen's Juniors teams are merged into joint teams with partner clubs TSV Körle and TuSpo Guxhagen. Until that point, the club's teams compete internally against one another based on the motto: organisational cooperation, athletic competition. From Junior D level, however, the programme is designed to ensure that all training and strategic concepts are harmonised. Focusing on uniform, complimentary skills early on actually allows for more room for individual player development at later stages.

Routine participation in trans-regional tournaments throughout Germany affords the players the chance to experience competition beyond their own familiar local pool of talent, and to learn from the nation's best teams at both a strategic and competition level.

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