MT partnering with Airport Paderborn

Effective immediately, MT Melsungen will be travelling to its EHF Cup matches and training camp trips from Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt. The flights are the heart of a new partnership between the North Hesse Handball Bundesliga club and the eastern Westphalia air hub. An initial project was sought was Kassel-Calden airport, without success.

MT Melsungen is counting on prevailing in the qualification round for the EHF Cup this November, meaning that in February it will launch into the group phase of this year's European competition. Precisely which travel destinations await the North Hesse Bundesliga club will be based on the draw. From Sweden to Greece, from Portugal to Russia, anything is possible. Yet wherever the journey leads, the port of departure and arrival for the MT aces will always be Paderborn/Lippstadt airport. The charter flights will form the heart of the newly signed cooperative agreement. The team will also fly charter from the airport when travelling to training camps away from home, such as during the pre-season.

While visitors to home matches at Kassel's Rothenbach Hall will notice the new partner's striking logo on the LED walls and in MT magazine, Airport Paderborn/Lippstadt will also be offering fans attending the MT's next match on 1 October against Göppingen a thrilling half-time sweepstake.
"Despite numerous different efforts on our part, we'd been unable to come to terms on a partnership with the airport in Kassel-Calden, which makes us all the happier to present the newly established partnership with Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt. We hope to participate in the EHF Cup, and this deal opens up tremendous options to travel to those cities from a nearby airport with a broad international set of connections. We were impressed from the start with the uncomplicated way the partnership came together and the speed with which realistic concepts were developed and are being put into action. We will also do everything we can on the athletic side to be travelling from Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt to international matches as often as possible", explains MT President Axel Geerken.

"Today one-fifth of our airport guests are already coming from North Hesse, and we'd like to let more potential passengers from that region know about our comprehensive range of flights. MT Melsungen are a successful, tradition-rich club that awakens positive emotions for the region and beyond that an outstanding partner for our company", says Dr Marc Cezanne, Managing Director at Paderborn/Lippstadt GmbH.

Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport:   
Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport is a significant hub for holiday and business travel in eastern Westphalia and the neighbouring regions of Hesse, North Rhine/Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Its operations encompass commercial and tour flights as well as business and private charter flights. Its summer flight schedule includes eleven direct connections to holiday destinations in Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Beyond this, the home airport connects the region to the global air network thanks to regular connections to major hub Munich. In 2015 the airport handled 772,000 passengers and roughly 36,500 take-offs and landings. Images courtesy of: Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport. More information at

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