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What are fans after? Which info does the media need? How easy is it to find and use the content? Those were the central questions asked by Handball Bundesliga club MT Melsungen and Kassel-based creative agency "neue formen" when it came time to redo the existing homepage. The result is a comprehensive relaunch with extensive information presented in a refreshingly clear design. Visitors to will find all important, thrilling and entertaining news related to the pride of North Hesse, playing in the world's best handball league.

"Our goal was to make the site more convenient, well organised, informative and entertaining as well for visitors. In the process we put a priority not just on a broad selection of content, but also on making that information easy to find and use. We're certain that this comprehensive relaunch will bring smiles to the faces of everyone who uses our website. That also naturally applies to mobile device users", explains MT Marketing Director Christine Höhmann. 

Homepage shows first impression of new style

Tidy and clearly organised — those are the first impressions of the newly designed homepage. When the page is called up, the first thing to catch the eye are the large-format title images conveying top news on a rotating carousel. Above those photos are a line of menu items, red script on a white background, leading directly to the Media Centre, Bundesliga, Tickets, Youth, Club, Fans and Sponsoring sections of the website.

Constantly updated news stream and news wall

Fans and media members will appreciate two new features in particular. A news wall, available via the Media Centre menu, provides a quick overview of postings about the MT as found on various social media channels. A news stream has also been placed on the homepage, allowing visitors to scroll through to video recaps of all matches.  

Match centre offers statistics for a specific match

While the contents of a page are displayed to match the selected section or headline, the uppermost row with a black background remains visible. This is the so-called match centre, a real innovation compared with other Bundesliga websites. It offers all the information about the next match that a visitor would want at a glance: date, throw-off time and location and, by clicking on the icon, other relevant information such as tickets, fixtures/results and the table. All previous and upcoming matches can also be reviewed with a click.

Youth given own section

One entire menu item has now been dedicated to the Bundesliga club's youth teams. It will soon contain all information, facts, tables and photos for team MT II and the youth teams, including the Bundesliga Juniors-A team.

Homepages that continue to grow

Given the new information that must regularly flow into it — just-finished and upcoming matches — the homepage of a pro club is inherently a highly dynamic platform that must be expanded constantly in some areas and which always must be capable of adapting. "The same thing applies to visitors of our homepage as visitors to our Bundesliga matches: It pays to stay on the ball", says Christine Höhmann.

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