With Bundesliga start right around the corner: Grill with the MT team

Bundesliga handballs will be flying around the arena this Sunday, but first the wursts will be flying off the grill with the MT team. The aces from the handball Bundesliga are inviting fans, sponsors, supporters and sports enthusiasts are invited today, Friday 2 September, to join them for the RED Barbecue in Kassel's Fuldaaue. The "grilling and chilling for the whole family" begin at 5 pm at the Seglergaststätte. Admission is free.

Two days before the official start of the 2016/17 Bundesliga season, the handball pros from MT Melsungen look forward to getting fans, sponsors, supporters and general sports enthusiasts fired up for the new season. And they do mean fired up in the most literal sense — through a hearty barbecue in Kassel's Fuldaaue.

"For the first time, we're throwing a family festival and inviting people to get ready to for the new season. Anyone who wants to support our Bundesliga team is most welcome", promises MT President Axel Geerken, speaking of the new "Red Barbecue" concept. Direct contact with the Bundesliga pros is naturally front and centre. Where else will fans get this kind of chance to come to a picnic, with no time pressure and away from the arena, and engage the MT's aces in a discussion and get to know them better?

The location has the just the right flair: Guests are directed to the area near the "Seglergaststätte", directly on the beach of the Federal Garden Exhibition lake, for a picnic style gathering with beer garden furniture, beverage stands and an open grill station. Visitors have the choice of throwing meat and veggies brought from home onto the grills and drinking their own beverages or taking advantage of the food and drink vendors at the site. The park's meadows invite visitors to all manner of outdoor fun and games. And brave souls can bring along their swimming trunks, as the water's not far away. A nice cool head for the start of the season never did any harm.

Facts about the RED-BBQ:
Date: Friday, 2/9/2016
Time: 5 pm
Place: Meadow near the Seglergaststätte on the Buga lake, Fuldaaue 9, 34123 Kassel
Admission free!
This event is supported by MT partners: Partyrent, MC Group, Licher Privatbrauerei, RhönSprudel, Getränke Waldhoff, Mercedes EF Autocenter Kassel, Real Audio GmbH, Landfleischerei Koch, eve&com, Weinhandlung Schluckspecht, My Vale, REWE.

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