Miesner Memorial Tournament: MT opens with easy victory

The outcome was clear before the teams switched sides: MT Melsungen prevailed in the opening match of the Klaus Miesner Memorial Tournament for the Harz Energie Cup in Ilsenburg against Slovenian guests Gorenje Velenje 34-25 (18-10). With Johannes Sellin hitting for 12/5 goals as the MT's top scorer, victory was never in doubt. Klemen Cehte managed five goals for Gorenje.

Archive photos from the MT-Trommlern: Johannes Sellin was the star shooter in Ilsenburg.

While Niko Medved did score the opening goal for Gorenje Velenje, MT Melsungen soon took control. The Bundesliga team raced ahead to 4-2 and then 8-3 before striking three times in a row — Felix Danner, Momir Rnic and Johannes Sellin — for a surprising early seven goal lead (11-4). Velenje righted the ship somewhat but could not cut the gap, and the teams retreated to the dressing rooms at 18-10.

When play resumed, the deficit ballooned quickly into the double digit range, with a brace of goals moving things to 20-10. All doubt was removed when an outstandingly in form Johannes Sellin threw for 23-12 on 40 minutes — with a time-out by Velenje coach Dr Marko Sibila doing little to change the patterns. The Melsungen defence, which to that point had been suffocating, relaxed somewhat, leading to a run of back-and-forth play culminating in the final score of 34-25. Report from

RK Gorenje Velenje - MT Melsungen 25 - 34 (10-18)

Gorenje Velenje: Cehte 5, Medved 3, Celminš, Ovni?ek, Levc 3, Stojni?, Toski? 1, Mitrovi?, Poto?nik 1, Gol?ar 2, Kle? 3, Gams 1, Ratajec 4, Nosan 1, Brumen 1.
MT Melsungen: Sellin 12/5, Boomhouwer 4, P. Müller 5, Rnic 4, Schneider 3, M. Müller 1, Langhans 1, Fahlgren 2, Danner 1, Golla 1.

HNA reports:

"That was a good warm-up. We dominated the match", Roth said in summary. With that said, the opponent clearly wasn't as strong as anticipated.

From the start, Melsungen deployed a high-speed attack to take control of the match. With one week to go before the first mandatory matches in the DHF Cup, there were many positives on offence. Felix Danner's goal for 9-4 came courtesy of a clever pass from Patrik Fahlgren (15th minute). Just one minute later new papa Momir Rnic slotted the ball him with an assist from the newly healthy Timm Schneider. The return of the two backcourt players gave Roth lots of options with his roster. The recently injured Michael Müller and Nenad Vuckovic also saw playing time. All doubt was eliminated by the time right wing Johannes Sellin scored for 23-12 on 39 minutes.

The stars of the day were the MT's keepers, with newly signed Svetislav Verkic emerging as an impenetrable bulwark. As the club had hoped, The Serb stood for the full 60 minutes in goal. The start in the next match will go to Denmark's René Villadsen, who will also be given the chance to go the full distance.

The next match will come on Saturday at 3 pm against Bundesliga rivals VfL Gummersbach, who fell on late Friday evening to Sweden's Ystads. The finale is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

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