Handball done right — German Handball rolls out first spot in a joint image campaign

"HANDBALL – Es lebe der Sport" - the association and league are promoting a joint campaign with a strong message of authentic, clear and honest sport. Handball done right — the Bad Boys led by Euros hero Andreas Wolff intend to use the Olympic Summer Games in Rio as another chance to highlight a sport where touching the ball with your hands is a good thing (Sweden vs. Germany, Sunday 7/8 at 4:30 pm live on ZDF). They sense a powerful chance to build on a sensational European Handball Championship and captivate German sports enthusiasts with the joy of handball.

Just in time for the German team to throw off at the Olympic handball tournament — a lovely assist from home toward Rio: "HANDBALL  - Es lebe der Sport" is the fresh new motto of an image campaign that the German handball association will be spreading up through the 2019 World Championships in Germany and Denmark.

The PR campaign will launch with a spot to draw attention to the German national handball team during its matches at the Summer Olympic Games. With a bit of a wink, the almost 60 second spot will show the difference between proper (handball) and improper (football) touching of the ball with the hands.

Jürgen Schweikardt, Chairman of AG Markenentwicklung and Managing Director at TVB Stuttgart 1898: "We want a natural and unforced presentation of handball. Our initial spot is a good example of this. Over the course of the campaign, we intend to strengthen the brand and increase its societal relevance. We want to lay down our marker for diversity and against monoculture in sport. Ideally other associations would pick up on our campaign and run with it as well. The chances aren't bad, as our joint initiative touches on the desire in sports enthusiasts for clean, fair and authentic sport".

No need to foul, be passive or see red — simply click here for the spot "HANDBALL  - Es lebe der Sport".

The campaign is envisioned for three years and was initiated by the German Handball Association (DHB) and its national teams, the DKB Handball Bundesliga with its 38 first and second league clubs and the Women's Handball Bundesliga, all in association with Nordpol, a Hamburg agency. The state associations and all clubs in Handball-Deutschland are supporting the campaign as well.

Beyond the pro and top flight associations, the express intention is for handball to be promoted broadly as a sport for all. To make this possible, a free toolkit is being offered for download just in time for the Bundesliga season.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube or here to download the video.

(Photo: screenshot from the video)

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