Linden Cup: MT bests Magdeburg

The MT topped SC Magdeburg 33-29 (15-16) on Friday evening in a Linden Cup match held in Linden, Germany. During the pre-season tournament, coach Michael Roth's charges put out a strong effort for much of the match. The final against TV Hüttenberg now looms on Saturday (5:45 pm).

Leading MT scorers against the fellow Bundesliga side from Sachsen-Anhalt were Johannes Sellin (10/3), Momir Rnic (6), Felix Danner (3) and Philipp Müller (3). Noting that they trailed by a goal going into the half, Roth had praise for his team. "We raised our play and really pushed harder in the second half. The team had already shown a strong spirit even in the early phase. I've very satisfied", he told the HNA.

(Photo: Lindencup - Patrik Fahlgren / Text: with material from

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