Linden Cup: Defeat in opening match against Wetzlar

MT Melsungen suffered a defeat on Thursday in the opening match of the Linden Cup in the central Hesse town of Linden. The match against HSG Wetzlar — 27-32 (16-18) — left the team under Coach Michael Roth with much to think about.

Given the hard preparatory programme that has placed a major emphasis on strength and endurance training, Roth was not entirely unhappy with his team's performance. "The legs are heavy, and we'll improve our effort going forward in this tournament", Roth said. Allendorf (6) and Schneider were the top scorers from his team.

For Timm Schneider, playing in the Linden Cup is something quite special. Schneider grew up just two towns away from Linden, in Pohlheim-Holzheim. "I used to follow the tournament when I was just a little guy", the 28 year old remembers, "and I played in it myself as an A-level Junior". At the time he was part of Pohlheim's number one team.

A second Melsungen match, this time against Magdeburg, is slated for Friday at 8:15 pm, followed by a closing match on Saturday at 5:45 pm against TV Hüttenberg. "The first time I'll play against Hüttenberg since switching clubs", says Schneider, who was a member of the TVH from 2010 to 2012.

Statistics HSG Wetzlar - MT Melsungen 32-27 (18-16)

Wetzlar: N. Weber, Buric (from 31st minute); Kneer (2), Lipovina (4), Björnsen (1), Pöter, Ferraz (3), Mirkulovski (1), Ph. Weber (4), Holst (9/6), Kraft, Hahn (3), Klesniks, Lindskog (2), Kohlbacher (3).
Melsungen: Villadsen, Paske (from 37th minute); Sellin (2), Fahlgren , Danner, Ph. Müller (4), Boomhouwer (1), Rnic (4), Schneider (3), Allendorf (6/4), Vuckovic (n.e.), M. Müller (3), Haenen (1), Langhans (3).

Referee: Kilp/Maier (Oberursel/Steinbach); Seven Metre Throw: 6:6 ;4/4; Penalties: 16/14 (Lindskog/three, Kneer/two Pöter, Hahn, Kohlbacher – Müller, Schneider, Langhans two each, Boomhouwer)

Golla playing on Friday in European Championship semis

The squad from Melsungen has one eye on the Junior European Championship in Denmark. One of their mates, MT pivot Johannes Golla, has reached the U20 semi-final with the German squad. After a 30-23 win in the final main round match, the team will now face off on Friday at 8:30 pm against France. The current U19 World Champion team has only lost one single match in the past three years. The match for third place will be held on Sunday (2:30 pm) and the final at 5:00 pm. All matches can be viewed live on the internet at (, bjm/sam)

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