The Official Team Photo for 2016/17

The official MT team photo showing the entire team for the 2016/17 season was captured by Lena Kuhaupt and will soon be found on all the club's publications. Once this homepage relaunches in late August, the photo and others will be available for download as wallpaper.

Rear (from left): Sandor Balogh (Team Manager), Momir Rnic (20), Philipp Müller (18), Gabor Langhans (39), Felix Danner (17), Michael Müller (25), Marino Maric (3), Lutz Anders (Fitness Trainer).

Center (from left): Matthias Horn (Trainer), Patrik Fahlgren (9), Michael Allendorf (22), Timm Schneider (21), Johannes Golla (8), Nenad Vuckovic (23), Jeffrey Boomhouwer (19), Dr Gerd Rauch (Team Physician).

Front (from left): Mile Malesevic (Assistant Coach), Michael Roth (Coach), Johannes Sellin (5), René Villadsen (30), Maurice Paske (16), Johan Sjöstrand (1), Arjan Haenen (36), Bernd Sostmann (Team Physician), Jennifer Bajerke (Physiotherapist).

(Photographer: Lena Kuhaupt; Composing: neue formen)

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