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An entertaining team presentation

The crowd of handball enthusiasts were naturally highly curious about the team's two new recruits: Arjan Haenen and Gabor Langhans. There were treated...

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With summer festival done, training camp awaits

On Saturday the team and 350 of its closest friends, supporters and sponsors celebrated the traditional MT summer festival at Haydau Cloister. By...

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Johannes Golla to join in quest for U20 European Championship Title

While no members of the Bundesliga team were tapped for the final selection to the Olympic team under National Coach Dagur Sigurdsson, and Marino...

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The Official Team Photo for 2016/17

The official MT team photo showing the entire team for the 2016/17 season was captured by Lena Kuhaupt and will soon be found on all the club's...

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Netcom Kassel New Co-Sponsor

Starting with the 2016/17 season, Netcom Kassel Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH is joining in as a co-sponsor for Handball Bundesliga club MT...

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MT Bundesliga pro team introduced at Schlossgarten

The holidays have just ended, meaning it's time for the Bundesliga handball pros at MT Melsungen to get back to work. This past Friday, the...

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Bad Luck for Sjöstrand: Knee Injured!

Handball Bundesliga squad MT Melsungen will need to cope without its number 1 keeper for the first part of the pre-season. Goalie Johan Sjöstrand...

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MT goes international: MT Melsungen heads into Europa Cup

MT Melsungen of the Handball Bundesliga qualfied for a spot in the 2016/17 Europa Cup, its second appearance on the international stage.

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2016 Pre-Season: Key dates

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Sellin living large in Rio

One spectacular holiday snapshot was all it took to make the front page: Johannes Sellin sent the pic of his Brazilian girlfriend Julia and himself in...

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