Rothenbach Hall

Rothenbach Hall was built new in 2007, offering an impressive 5,700 m2 of floor space as the multifunctional hall for Kassel's Trade Fair. The functional space extends 10m in to the air, with no intruding beams or pillars. The hall is equipped to allow for a broad range of uses. Celebrations, concerts, sporting events, high-carat evening gathering and exhibitions of usual objects are all possible. Rothenbach Hall can be completely darkened, is outfitted with acoustic tiles on the walls for optimal sound and is designed for loads ranging from 300 kg to 2 t to be hung from the ceiling. It can hold up to 5,000 visitors. There is also a two-storey entry area with a large foyer, a congregation room and a number of side rooms, providing event organisers with the freedom to configure congresses, meetings and other events for up to 300 guests.

Rothenbach Hall

Messe Kassel (Kassel Exhibition Grounds) is the ideal venue for your events. From international trade fairs and company-specific open houses to congresses, concerts and exhibitions, a wide variety of events can be held here. For 55 years now, our world-class trade fair team and unbeatable catering service have ensured that your events always run smoothly and efficiently.
The 14 halls of the Kassel Exhibition Grounds are sized differently to accommodate different capacities. Whether for 10 or 15,000 visitors, Messe Kassel has halls outfitted to handle events of any size. Despite its massive size — 30,000 m2 total exhibition space — the exhibition grounds is notable for its short paths. Each of its halls can be reached quickly and easily.
Thanks to its outstanding transport connections, the exhibition grounds are near the city and easy to reach by car, ICE train or aeroplane. It is located immediately off the autobahn, with 3,000 free parking spots directly on site, making Messe Kassel the perfect location for events, right in the heart of Germany.

Messe Kassel

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